Friday, November 26, 2010

#29 & #30

#29 Going Retro. Hoping for some warm weather I dug out this photo from the summer. 1/500, Window light plus i'm guessing flash bounced off ceiling.

#30 Wahoo! The waylon counterpart

#27 & #28

1st Image, F5.6, 1/500 3 flashes, background white sheet. 
2nd Image F13 1/500 1 flash camera left, black sheet for background.  Notice Remote in Way's hand. :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

How much ugiler can you get?

Photo #26

Livv joined me to test out my new 50 mm prime lens at spring mill.  She was a good model, yet whenever she stood on this log neither flash would fire.  Keep in mind, I used 2 SB-600 with Cobra V2 remotes.  The remotes worked each and every time except when she was on this log.  We saw something that looked like 5 green dots on the camera screen.  Changed locations and started shooting again; without flash failures mind you.  It's not until I pulled this image on my computer that I noticed the 5 green lights looked like an ugly ticked off green glowing pumpkin.  Obviously, I drew the conclusion that Livv happened upon an ancient indian burial ground.  (besides, ancient pumpkin burial ground is just silly.)  Just incase you are wonder, no edit, this is the small jpg that's paired with the RAW file. f1.8 1/4000