Sunday, April 29, 2012

More Compositing Practice

I'm really kind of bummed, I had this shot planned for a while and when I made my trip to the big city crossed the road to get a few with traffic.  Now I can't find the files... So here's second go, not the lighting I was originally trying to work the photo into, but a little practice can't hurt.

Being Goofy

Is what he's best at.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Almost to 50!

for some reason, we bathed him prior to eating "chocolate toast."

Umbrella Mount Mod

So, my
Fell off my 
and broke. I love the Westcott Apollo orbs, but do not like the umbrella attachment. It comes unscrewed and speed-lights die.  I also have an issue of one not tightening down on the umbrella. 

Anyway, I drove to a local camera store (2 hours away, I was up there any way so) stopped in to see if I could home how to attach my 

There was an adapter, for about 15 bucks.

I then went to my local hometown hardware store, the kind where the old men sit surrounding the door and took a look.

After a short discussion, we opted for a 1 1/2 in carriage bolt and cut it to about 1 inch.

I brought the threaded part home and connected it to the umbrella mount.

Then, the 

was placed on 

and it made a perfect fit
now, no more speed-lights have to die.  Because honestly, who can afford that?

Total cost? 12 cents per carriage bolt. They cut it for me free.  I bought 2, one for each umbrella mount.  Cost for 2 adapters at the camera store, about $30.

Now, if you like living on the cheap, stop by Larry's Cheap shots for more ideas like this one. :)