Monday, December 10, 2012

Waylon's Kitchen Race #1

Sick Day with the Kiddo!

Introducing Quatro

Wow! It's been a while since I've been here.  Needless to say it's been quite busy around here.

Ok, in this video, Goldman Offspring #4 (aka Quatro to my students) is being announced. :)

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2 years old, 2 days apart

Leaning in for an oreo kiss


Nothing Better


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Umbrella holder

In my limited space studio garage, i need to find a way to quickly access light mods.  I've been thinking about putting up shelves for a while but have balked at the idea for unknown reasons. So today, hellbent on making the shelves from spare lumber in my shed, so I went out back.  I found some old tubing and got the idea of making umbrella holders.  The tubing was too small, I thought about grabbing some PVC pipe but had none on hand. Then I remembered we had some cups left over from my boys birthday last week.  Find a board, Grabbed some cups and Bingo! Idea was hatched.

1. Cut out bottom to plastic cups- box cutter works nice though I did try out my new multi-tool for the first time.
2. tape bottoms to prevent snags and cups from tearing apart.
Mount using Staples, from a gun, not a stapler.
3. Use a staple gun and staple cups to board. I fit 2 up top and one in the bottom.  I used a flat iron and hammer to make sure the staples were in good.
4. I had one umbrella that was too small to fit into the holder, so I found a spiderman cup.  Also ran out of duct tape and decided to make the core a holder of some sort as well.
1X6" board, length to need. 
5. Grabbed a tape measure found where I could get 2 small drywall screws in 16 inches apart (studs are 16")
6. Mount board on wall (either they didn't use 16" spacers in the wall in my garage or I just missed my measurement cause I didn't hit home-but it held nonetheless)

Hang on Wall

The nice thing about this is, the umbrellas pull through. I can grab at the bottom and tug;a one-way street, so to speak.

Job 2: a corner rack that holds shovels was sitting unused in my shed.  I washed it up, trimmed out the holes and walla:

Yeah for organization!


Saturday, July 7, 2012


This was a tough composite. Made from 4 shots and the camera moved while I was previewing images between.  Oh well, I think it turned out well :)

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"Then" - Their First Dance

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

fiddy cent sand bags.$0.50


Sandbags were a big need for me; I didn't have any and I tend to shoot outside. Throw in an outdoor wedding an a week of moderate winds I was in a pinch.  So a trip to the local rock distributor with a five-gallon bucket resulted in fifty cents worth of sand.  

The bags were constructed from sleep pants that have built up to ridiculous levels in my drawers.  So, tie the legs off at the bottom, really work the knot down.  Fill the legs up with sand, cut with scissors and tie the top.  Done.  One 5-gallon bucket resulted in 5 sandbags and a tighter filled stabilizing bag for shooting. 


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Duct Tape Kids

Be Kind to your Siblings

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Superfluous Seven

For Wesley's 7th Birthday

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More Compositing Practice

I'm really kind of bummed, I had this shot planned for a while and when I made my trip to the big city crossed the road to get a few with traffic.  Now I can't find the files... So here's second go, not the lighting I was originally trying to work the photo into, but a little practice can't hurt.

Being Goofy

Is what he's best at.