Thursday, December 30, 2010

Self portrait time!

Ol' Waylon was running the remote switch on this photo.  Facing the 6:00 sun, heavy orange filer placed on photo afterwards. ISO 200, F9.5, 1/90. 

#32 - moving on up.

Still in the archive mode.  Scanning through photos to put on my Ipad, finding some older pics.Here's Way at Spring Mill, f 5.6 1/125th.  No flash, outdoor...(insert snapes voice ) obviously.


Hitting the archives and missing summer.  Here's one from 2008, Wes had been playing hard in the sandbox.  On camera flash, d50. f4.5 1/60th.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rock on!

My first photo op with ms. liv. Loved the smirk on the face here and how the horns framed her face.  turned up the vibrance in PSE 7, this is shortly after I realized Raw (NEF) was pretty awesome.  Shot in my living room with a white sheet behind her.  (Take a peek up at the logo for this website to see my lighting set up :)
f6.7, ISO 200, 1/60th.  Lights  were sb600 umbrella-d high camera right, sb600 with lumiquest directly to the subjects left, and finally to camera right sb-25 bouncing light off the ceiling.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Fan

This is an older photo that I do enjoy. This was lit by 1 strobe undiffused.  The light was camera left, eye level.  You can notice the fall off on the wall behind.  I don't think I had the camera on auto ISO, but may have been on Auto setting.  Stats: ISO 800, F4.2, 1/350th.  Flash was SB-600. Shot with the D-50

The Kids

In this photo, I waited until the sun was setting.  The kids are facing west, so their backs are to the east.  I ran a few test shots to get my flash setting I wanted and snapped away.  This is one of my favorite images to come from this set.  I metered for the background sky, ISO 200, F5.6, 1/90th.  Flash was one shoot through westcott umbrella and a SB-600 placed directly above the camera.  This was my main light.  Second flash was placed on the ground directly under the camera and a little forward.  This provided my fill.  The light was softened with a lumiquest softbox.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas opportunities

Christmas is an excellent time to practice some photography.  Everyone In the previous photo a young friend of mine and her beau asked if I would take some photos for christmas.  I happily obliged and dispite freezing cold temperatures and snow, we ventured out to our town square.  There upon the gazebo, we found a dry spot to take a few photos. 

The first I post today is one of my favorites.  I also had just downloaded lightroom 3.2 and was playing with it.  I accidently turned the luminance noise reduction too high and like the result.  Lens is 1.8 50 mm, set at f4 and 1/60th.  2 sb-600's were in use. One on an umbrella high camera right and the second on the ground camera left pointed towards the white ceiling.  Photo was then adjusted in Lightroom and turned into a Black and White. 


Expanding out.

Even though, at the heart of this blog is the dirty faces and scruffy looks of my kids.  I felt the blog was being underserved.  Yes, a thousand is a lofty number, but unfortunately my kids are learning to eat better than I.  So, with that, I'm going to start supplimenting the dirty faces with some of the other images I have taken.  Enjoy.

Monday, December 13, 2010

D90 is shipped an en route!


Been very excited over this, and a little nervous too. :)