Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas opportunities

Christmas is an excellent time to practice some photography.  Everyone In the previous photo a young friend of mine and her beau asked if I would take some photos for christmas.  I happily obliged and dispite freezing cold temperatures and snow, we ventured out to our town square.  There upon the gazebo, we found a dry spot to take a few photos. 

The first I post today is one of my favorites.  I also had just downloaded lightroom 3.2 and was playing with it.  I accidently turned the luminance noise reduction too high and like the result.  Lens is 1.8 50 mm, set at f4 and 1/60th.  2 sb-600's were in use. One on an umbrella high camera right and the second on the ground camera left pointed towards the white ceiling.  Photo was then adjusted in Lightroom and turned into a Black and White. 


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