Sunday, July 10, 2011

Glass vs. Plastic Reflectors

Recently purchased a glass frame from walmart for 3 bucks. Was wanting to make this:

So I could do this:
Ok, so the black bottom piece in the top photo was replaces by white foam core board for the picture of the butterfly.  With black:

But decided to try it as:

The bottom piece in my super secret macro set up used in many of my reflection pictures seen here:

This is achieved by using a hint from Larry.
my normal set up looks something similar to:

I now use a piece of black foam core for the back ground to avoid getting a variety of color reflections as seen:

(even though I do think this one is cool.)

But, my plastic is getting scratched I keep seeing things like this:

So, I gave the glass a try:

I didn't like the double refraction. So I went back to the plastic base:

Ahhh...Clean reflection.

Set up Summary:

2 boxes of baby wipes, painted black.
1 poster frame, painted black.
1 white foam board.
1 11X17 picture frame with black mat.

D90, 85 macro, 2 sb600's and 1 sb700.


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