Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Studio Build Pt 1

1 gallon of Flat paint (already owned, walmart about 16 bucks)
1 box of drywall screws (already owned, Lowes about 8 bucks)
Landscape timbers cut (already owned from picket fence)
Sheets (already owned, 5 bucks each at walmart)
Closet Doors (taken from my kid's room)

5- 2X4's @ 1.95 each
1 box of drywall patch@ 5.80
2- Dry wall, 1/2" 4X8 @ 3.59 each
1 white paneling 1/8th, 4X8 @ 11.86
1- 7/16th OSB 4X8 @ 6.52

Total: 49.26

Video will soon as I get a program to handle the video. But in the meantime, here's photos!
Reflective wall too much!

Tried a black sheet, turned background grey, then moved to white. Much Better.

Rotten Kid
Look forward to Part 2 where I'll complete the cyclorama and stumble through ways to get rid of the seems in the corners!


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