Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dirty Face #34 & #35

Henry loves peas!
This is a shot with a sidelight set on the table about 5 feet away. Using Nikons CLS to take care of the amount of light needed. In this first photo, I have the on camera flash set as sender only and not contributing to photo.  Interestingly you can still see the flash reflection in the eye.  I wonder how that works....

in #35 here, the on camera flash is set to TTL -1 exposure.

Ok my primary focus here is taking a quick practice with the flash and controller and seeing how light changes.  Not taking too many to not distract Henry from eating.  As you can tell, he is about foundered the way it is.

Ok, technically, Should I get 2 photos here that count? Maybe not, but I don't care :)  1000 is a long way away.

Both photos were opened in ACR and exposure was adjusted to just below blown highlights.  Vibrance increased to +40


D90, 18-105mm VR, F8, 1/60, 48mm focal length. ISO 400

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