Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rock'n the Globe diffuser in broad daylight.

Liv joined me for a few renegade runs through town for some photos.  Despite the sunny appeal of the photo, it was quite chilly out.  Liv is set up on the back stop of the recess baseball diamond at our elementary school with the sun in the background.  I'm using a ND+8 on the lens.  I was wanting to try shooting in bright sun.  I placed Liv in between the sun and myself and used two flashes.  The globe diffused sb600 is on the ground with a speedlight foot directly out of frame to the right.  I think I had another sb600 hand held direct flash. All ttl. the aviators were to protect her from the flash, the trade off was a cool look.  Edited in lightroom.

Wanted to see some texture and shadows on Liv's face.  I made the pic too...(bonus!) This is shot at 1/60th, full sun.

Specs: D90 50 mm; f6.3, ISO 200, 1/200th. ND+8 Filter

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