Thursday, March 31, 2011


Some recent attempts at making my own beauty dish brought out some DIY tips from shoots past.  Now, don't worry, the Beauty Dish (if you can call it that) will be posted as soon as I purchase some zip ties and finish the assembly.  Inspired by a few trips over to Larry's  As for now.

Light Stand: Old stool high-jacked from previous home coupled with kinetic adolescent strobe attachment. Total Cost - $0 (the kinetic adolescent strobe attachment is designed to resemble a sweet little boy, let me remind you that it is just a replica for aesthetic purposes and is in no way sweet.)

  Reflector (not being used) Car Window Reflector, Walmart. Total Cost-$8

Backdrop White sheet, Walmart. Total Cost - $4

Model Cousin/Neighbor Total Cost - Facebook uploads

Final Cost: 12 bucks.

Finished results:
Stats: D50 85 macro vrII f6.5 ISO 200, 1/60, edited in PSE7


  1. I'm literally LOLing about your light stand description! hahahaha!

  2. he'll be my grassy knoll photog in a few years. i'm prepping him up.