Sunday, April 3, 2011

DIY Beauty Lamp

Ok, finally got things pieced together....

1. Can Light Purchased from Farm Store $8 bucks
2. Full Spectrum Bulb, 4 pk $4 bucks

3. Convex Mirror, Walmart $ 2 bucks

4. Old lamp shade found around the house - duct taped on for testing. Notice hole in center of lamp shade

5. Mirror Placed in bottom of the inside of the lamp shade

6. Sputnik - duct tape on outside to allow sticky mirror to stick.  'Antannae' are zip ties, Can light had holes, I had to drill holes in lamp shade.

7. 'Antannae' get trimmed


Can light only, no diffuser. Darkened room, light 3' camera left

 Can Light with diffuser, no mirror attachment, Loss off light 1 1/2 stops or so

Can light with lamp shade and mirror, another loss of 1/2 stop of light

 Kid got bored, I was the replacement.
Can light, Lamp diffuser no mirror, notice the highlight on face.
Light just out of frame camera left.

Can light, Lamp diffuser with mirror, notice the lack of highlight on face.

Light just out of frame camera left.

Close in I felt the light did an awesome job. Is some residual heat using this set up, but nothing major. 
Specs: D90, 50 mm, ISO 200, 1/100, f2.8

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  1. Ok, the first pic of me, is a little hotter than the second with the mirror. My monitor makes it appear much worse because of it's lack of white range. On the iPad I see it isn't as bad.