Thursday, January 5, 2012

Personal project

Though this website started as a personal project to photography my messy boys and they're messy habits I think I'm moving on. Of course, there will still be the occasional messy face appear amongst these pages.

My new project streams from the photos I did of Waylon the other day (the post below, Waylon the music man.) I want a series of black and whites shot on a white background featuring people and their instruments.

This may have roots in the fact that I'm rhythmically challenged and tone deficient yet has played attempted to play music for years. In fact the guitar in Waylons photo was my first guitar I got when I was seven or eight. I played in my first concert as the opening act of the first linton music festival. Me on bass, Ray on guitar, and Johnny-ray on drums it was the first time the three of us played together. We rocked Peter Gun. I think I was 12. I played pick up for my cousin Scott's band when their bassist was not able to show. I don't remember the band name, but I'm sure it was awesome. It wasn't until I started playing with Jason and Jeremy smith that I was in a Band. I think Jason named us Labotomy, it fit with the late 80's death metal Jason enjoyed. I'm not sure I knew how to play, I just tried to keep up. We went through a variety of bands with the smith brothers and myself being a constant for the next few years. It wasn't until we picked up JT golish and 16 singers (no it wasn't a choir) that we really got into the gigs. It also helped that by then we had drivers License. Gravel was our name, rock'n was our game. It was fun, all of our ins and outs and different versions, wouldn't trade the memories for anything. Turned out I think i was a better manager than musician. I could get gigs together faster than learning a new song. Speaking of new songs, I still remember most of the lyrics to our first original, Testicular Cancer. I'm sure it raised awareness, and it was catchy to boot.

So here I am, 15 years later. With more musical instruments than musical talent. So might as well make use of them. If you play an instrument or want to look cool while holding one, give me a ring. We'll see if we can do some damage,

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