Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas Puppies are the best!

Meet Jack.  He's the best breed of dog ever, mutt.  Does look to have a heavy dose of Australian Shepherd though.  We see his one brown eye here, the other is a creepy sky blue.  I say creepy because when he wants in he sits with only the blue eye revealed in the patio doors, and stares at me.  I was attempting to practice a few shots and get a couple of dirty faces but the natives were being restless.  Jack here was quite worn out and was happy to pose for a few photos as long as I didn't bother him too much.  I desaturated the image, even though it was primarily black and white to begin with.  I was getting different tones in the white depending on what was reflecting.  The white of the rump was a warm tone and the fluff of hair above the neck had a nice blue tint to it.  Oh, Jack was newly bathed, so his hair was a bit everywhere. 

D90, 18-105mm, f5.6, 1/30th, Exposure -0.3, 105 mm, desaturated with elements 7

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