Sunday, January 2, 2011

Henry's Rock'n Do

Henry's Rockin out in the Bumbo with some wild hair.  Experimenting with window light.  He's a good subject because he can't move.  f5.6, 1/40th (VR), 90 mm, 18-105 lens.  Taken with a Nikon, believe it or not.  I'm in my d90 phase now,  Really loving it.  New pictures to come very soon.  Will have to get a new SD card because the larger 12 mp files really eat up a 1 gig card.  I'm down to 36 raw images per card.  I would like to get an Eye-fi card, but my funds are being eaten by other endeavors. 

These window, natural light photos are coming after a visit with Kip ( he was very helpful and I very much appreciated the tidbits of wisdom he bestowed upon me.



  1. Why "eye-fi"? Are they specific to photography? Right now Amazon has some really good buys on SDHC cards in 4GB up to 32 GB (from $6.88-$60+). We have Kingston 4GB or 8GB (I can't remember which) & we've never had any problems with them.

    You definitely have outgrown that 1GB card! Time to upgrade :)

  2. I would like eye fi because I can magically zap the photos to the iPad. So, for example, if I'm taking more pics of ms. Liv then we can preview images on a much larg screen. I do definitely needs some new sd cards though.

    Steve, thank you for the invite,