Sunday, January 23, 2011

ID-10-T Error.

Tip #1 - Make sure your settings are what you want them to be prior to taking photos.

I had the auto focus set on automatic and lost some really good portraits of Aly do to softness.  Focus falls on her hair, not on her eyes. Small the image looks fine, but enlarge and it really bothers me.  Doh!

D90, 18-105; ISO400, 1/125, f5.6


Next scrummed through a few, this next one is under-exposed but yea for RAW! was able to pull it back quite a bit.  Still a little dark along the one cheek for my liking, but the best of the collection. This was the first of the series taken.  White balance was on Auto, the previous posted photo I switched the WB to cloudy.  I added a vignette to this one in PSE7, but do miss that function in Lr3.  Can't wait til I pick Lr back up. 

Stats:D90; 18-105; ISO 400, -1EV, 1/400th, f5.6

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