Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Negative Reflector

Took a hike to Donaldson Cave at Spring Mill State Park.  Brought along a section of black foam board to help balance the reflectivity of the snow.  Once we made it to the cave Les was positioned so the cave acted as the negative reflector, adding contrast to the face.  I felt the light was very soft here.  I did increase the vibrance in PSE 7 and using the 'clipping' feature to make sure I wasn't losing any whites.  Particularly since I've discovered my monitor doesn't show whites very well.

Stats: D90, 18-105; ISO 400, EV 0, F5.3, 1/80th, 70mm

Donaldson Cave is currently closed to visitors due to White-Nose Syndrome, a bat disease. Nonetheless, it is my favorite hike in the park (Never take the stairs!).  This is the entrance of the cave and the negative reflector I used in the previous photo.  I used some fill here to bring out some detail in the cave entrance.  Also increased the vibrance a bit to help Aly pop out and give some color to a very gray scene.

Stats: D90, 18-105; ISO 400, EV -1, F8, 1/160, 105mm


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  1. I think the 2nd one would have been better if Aly had been wearing some vibrant color. These are still pretty though.