Saturday, January 8, 2011

On being turned away...

Had another cousin volunteer this past week helping me work on some shots and new tricks on lighting I was taught. The plan was starting at West Baden Hotel and trying to get some natural light portraits.  I did not bring any flash and didn't bring my reflector.  I wanted a reflector, but since I didn't have an extra hand to help aim it I figured it was pointless.

Our Day started with a trip inside the big dome (here) I asked the attendant at the desk if it was OK to shoot some photos.  She asked a few basic questions, plan to use a tripod? Are you a pro, because if you are you need a permit? no and no.  Done deal.  So Brennan and I began to walk around to find some nice big windows.  I know I looked a little suspicious having two bodies attached to my  hip, a D50 and D90.  We moved into the "Library" which consisted of a big room and one bookshelf, and moved a chair over for a prop for a window shot.  The attendant then came in and told me I need a permit.  I reminded her that I was not a pro (even though, i'm slightly flattered, i'm mostly annoyed.)  She replies, well if you're shooting Senior photos, I need a permit.  I nicely told her, I am not a pro, I am not shooting Sr. Pictures.  She continued to stare at me, so we just left.  We walked across the grounds and took some decent shots.  I was not comfortable at all shooting at the hotel and I think that came across in the photos.  They were stale. 

So we left. 

We trekked around town and found some great old trains, trucks, and tracks. Most of the photos at this point was either in shade, of in front of a not-quite setting sun.  Shadows are pretty harsh, but I do like some of the results.  This photo was taken as Brennan was heading out along the tracks.  Ended up being my favorite of the group.  The lens flare is caused by shooting in the sun, it also caused some muddiness in the color.

In PS i brushed over a train car reflecting behind his head.  These photos helped me further realize, that my monitor is not up to par.  The colors would not come out right and brennan looked plum rosey.  But, I stuck with the adjustments I made based of some previous prints and uploaded the photos to FB.  After getting the Ipad out, I saw the skin tones worked out and my guesswork was pretty good. 

All in all, a good day out.  Glad to have some practice with taking some guy photos.


D90, F5.6, ISO-800, 1/400th, @92mm,

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